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Chicago Deep Dish: Story Behind the Old Post Office - From Derelict to 14,000 Employees
Spanning multiple city blocks, with over 2.5M SF of office space, a 3.5 acre rooftop park, and a 28K SF gym, the Old Post Office is one of the largest historic renovations ever in Chicago and even the country. The $800M renovation took much more than just a lot of capital, though. Although it was a private project, it required a public-private approach, with buy-in from city officials, contractors, subcontractors, architects, preservationists, and dozens of other groups. Now the Old Post Office faces the challenge of making a new home for 14,000 employees during a pandemic. Hear from the leaders of the project about the toughest obstacles and challenges of this historic project.

During this webinar we will discuss:

--The Old Post Office wasn't even safe to enter when construction began. What were the largest obstacles in getting the project off the ground?

--This wasn't the first time that someone tried to rehab the Old Post Office. What were the key differences that made this time around a success?

--Due to the coronavirus, Uber has suffered massive losses financially causing large scale layoffs worldwide. Is there any worry that Uber won't take the 350k SF space they signed for?

--Has this pandemic changed plans for the concert venue or food hall?

--Why have repurposed buildings become so popular in Chicago? Is it cheaper than ground up construction?


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