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Bankers - Investors - Tenants, Can They Maintain Relationships Through The Pandemic?
The vital June quarter day has been and gone, and there are still many unanswered questions regarding the ongoing tenant-landlord negotiations, as well as how the commercial market will rebound in the new world.

The government has extended the moratorium where landlords cannot serve winding up orders on tenants from March 2020 to September 2020 and many tenants will owe 6 months rent Will they ever be able to pay this back on top of full rent rates and service charges going forwards?

Join Lorenz Consultancy and Bisnow’s webinar focussing on relationships during the pandemic between bankers, investors and tenants. We will kick-off with a real-time report on how things are unfolding at the coal face, but a major segment of the event will be given over to a series of rapid-fire questions from YOU, our audience, grilling our experts on what you need to know to negotiate these tricky discussions.

You can send us your questions in advance via the registration form, or ask them on the day via our Q&A function.

The content will touch on:

1. What is the state of the negotiations between landlords and tenants, now there has been a full quarter of businesses 'trading' during lockdown?

2. Rent deposits have become a valuable asset for a landlord. Has this become the main available cash grab, and is drawing down on deposits a reasonable solution in connection with landlords recovering arrears owed? What are the negative impacts?

3. Is the market anticipating a major shift towards turnover-based rental models, and how does this impact the future of the UK property investment market and values?

4. How has the London leasehold office market performed, and what are the expectations in the short to medium term?

5. Will the extension of the government moratorium on landlords not taking action against defaulting tenants assist in negotiating settlements?


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