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Construction & Materials Update
The Advantages of Building with American Steel

When the trade war with China began, many in the CRE industry began to worry about getting materials or seeing the price of certain parts skyrocket. Steel is obviously a main component of most buildings, but many GCs and contractors usually buy it outside of the U.S. Is it time to switch to American-made steel? Join us to hear from the country's leading GCs and engineers about the future of the industry!

- Greg Borchardt - VP, Operations @ Infra-Metals
- Tabitha Stine - Director @ Nucor Corporation
- Nick Miller - SVP, Sales & Marketing @ LPR Construction
- Rob Burlington - President @ SteelFab
- Brian Raff - Director, Communications & Government Affairs @ AISC

1. As lenders become stingier during this pandemic, can choosing steel help close deals?
2. What are the major advantages of using steel compared to other materials?
3. As many buildings look to add more open-air sections and better air circulation, how does steel compare to other materials in terms of adaptability?
4. Besides supporting American-made goods, what are the main benefits of using American-made steel?
5. From a design perspective, what are the benefits of choosing steel?


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