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Network Design Series: How Network Design Is Evolving Data Centers During A Digital Surge
Network and design heavily influence the quality of data transfer. Now, many questions around the quality of network design and data center infrastructure have formed in response to the recent surge in usage.

How have data centers and interconnected networks thrived during the digital surge?

How has improved latency from increased network capacity, new network technology (5G, WiFi6, etc) and edge deployments enabled innovation, apps and services of the future?

What are global digital service providers like Uber are doing to innovate their networks to assure performance and continuity for the future?

How is the internet being re-engineered and what role will the regional data centers play in the future?

Join Bisnow June 4 with our speakers below as they explore data center network diversity and the role that data centers play today.

- Jason Black, Head of Network Infrastructure at UBER
- Joe Reele, VP, Solution Architect at Schneider Electric
- Tom Brown, CEO of DataGryd
- Jeff Wabik, Chief Strategy Officer at DC BLOX


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