Checking In On Major SoCal Construction: The State of Major Developments On The Westside, Along Wilshire And Beyond - Shared screen with gallery view
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Elan Shore. Downtown Center Business Improvement District. Calling from #DTLATogether
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Dave Fridlund, Wirt Design Group, LA
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Hi All - Mike Jin from Partners Capital Solutions.
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Happy Thursday everyone! One day closer to the weekend ;) ~Catherine McCullough, McCullough Landscape Architecture (San Diego office)
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Hi all, Howard from Kastle Systems- Using security tech to help with safer spaces
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H. Michael Schwartzman
Mike Schwartzman of DevelUp Inc. Jamie’s comments about market conditions, future developments and Covid - don’t we have to presume that science will solve this problem in time - maybe early 2021 - with a vaccine so Covid is just another illness we get treated for annually like flu shots. Therefore, are our current plans still applicable? Do you think larger units may become desirable as a result of the current environment so people can work from home more easily? Are 1 bedroom den units going to make a come back?
Annie Wright
Are you looking to increase outdoor spaces for tenet/office gatherings.
Annie Wright
Landscape Development, Inc can help with any outdoor solutions. Landscape Architecture, Construction and Maintenance for all landscape needs
Elan Shore
For offices - what about encouraging businesses to stagger their work schedules to spread out traffic through the lobbies and elevators during peak times? This would have an additional benefit of spreading out service times at restaurants allowing them to serve more customers.
Brooke Walbuck
@Mike Schwartzman of DevelUp Inc. - Here is an article we published recently on multifamily layout design post-covid: https://www.hksinc.com/our-news/articles/how-design-will-shift-to-accommodate-post-covid-19-multifamily-living/
Brett Kaufmann
Hi all, Brett Kaufmann of VCA Structural. Good points Mike. How far do we swing the pendulum to respond to Covid (and anticipate future Covids) before knowing what is truly effective. Design with flexibility may be the key.
H. Michael Schwartzman
Thank you. The project I’m working to start construction on in DTLA will have a 27 month schedule with projected delivery in 4Q22. If we don’t have a vaccine and return to normal by then, this country and the world in general will be in tough times that will dwarf today’s conditions.
Joel Spolin
If we assume Covid is here for the long haul, we have much bigger societal problems. I'm with Mike and Brett
Brian Danielson
“De-malling” :)
Judi MacLean
At Mike Rovner Construction, we specialize in renovations and repositioning of multi-family, hospitality and commercial properties. Our team of seasoned experts work with our clients from concept to completion in Los Angeles, San Jose and Orange County. We provide value-engineering and preconstruction services and can incorporate these new safety features into any project.
Michael Guimond
Annie Wright
Hi Michael, Annie here from Landscape Development
Shannon Bush
Shannon Bush - AVDG, LLC - we are a commercial (&Residential) technology integration firm. We have developed a number of solutions to help address the current remote work environment, health conscious conference rooms, automated systems for health and wellness among others. Would love to discuss these options with anyone needing commercial technology solutions!
H. Michael Schwartzman
Lee is absolutely correct about processing projects through the city of LA. That topic alone could be an hour long webinar!