The Future of Office of San Francisco: How Will The Office Market Recover? - Shared screen with gallery view
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Drew Padilla
Thank you BISNOW and Panelists!
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Shawn-Patrick Smailey, Teamwrkx (TXC). Construction and co-development services, progressive design build, full project life cycle services, and more. spsmailey@teamwrkx.com
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Hi Everyone! David Hall here from CORT Furniture. When returning back to the office, rental furniture could be the partnership that you need to make the return a win. I look forward to working with you on getting your office up and running.
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JIM, are tenants on the new deals occupying this year?
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Kerri Chase
There is definitely a shift of how we decide to use and occupy space. More flexibility depending on role, team and firm need. Different strokes for different folks, and I believe companies will try to align with varying needs and provide flexibility.
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Kerri Chase
How do you see transportation limiting the pace of percentages of people coming back. As we said no one wants to take the transporation. Also retail in financial districts needs to be open in order to go back to the office. Which comes first. How does it affect coming back
Didier Rombaut
The appetite to live in San Francisco will bring a lot of people who eventually will replace people who don't want to come back .