Managing Properties In The Age Of Coronavirus - Shared screen with speaker view
Melissa Quiles
Aside from service requests, how are recertifications handled?
Shawn Person
How are you screening residents to determine if it is safe or not to enter apartments for the emergency service requests? Shawn Person
Camille Nixon
Would you share link to study at end of session?
Dominick Cannata
This question is meant to be aimed towards commercial retail and office tenants. We have had 100’s of request already about rent abatement? While we all want to help where we can, most landlords do not want to give any kind of rent forgiveness. How are others handling this, and are there any programs in place that you know of?
stephanie douglas
How are you dealing with parcel handling and grocery deliveries?
Lance Angle
Jason Bischoff
Do you agree on increasing air intake and increasing humidity levels in a highrise?
Regina Carpinelli
Do you advise the all common areas are closed and residents only use common areas to enter or exit the building.
Lily Steiner
Any advice on how to handle prospects who are hesitant to sign a lease from a virtual tour and want to see the unit in person before signing?
Regina Carpinelli
Can we legally ask residents if they are sick before we enter to fulfill a work order? I there a fair housing ramification if we ask this?
Nancy Wong
How do we handle rent moritoriums that are being enacted in Los Angeles, etc?
Mike Burnett
When considering Rental Assistance for Tenants in certain industries are we putting ourselves at risk for violating Fair Housing Laws by picking and choosing who actually needs the Rental Assistance. Are we legally allowed to ask for Proof of Income [Pay Stubs] and Bank statements?
MariAnne Torres
I have used electronic keyboxes for self guided tours. www.CodeBoxInc.com
Donna Mustafic
Can we ask for proof that tenants have actually been laid off?
Debbie Nutter
can you provide examples of what different companies are doing for employees who may not be able to attend work, either due to exposure to COVID 19 or cancelation of day care, etc? especially for employees who may not paid time off balances?
Amanda O'Keefe
We are actively still leasing, and following up on delinquency collection. We have created a list of organizations that can assist our residents with household expenses, food and other essentials. We are hoping they will utilize these organizations to allow for some cash flow to be put towards rent. Denver, CO courts will not be taking any new cases right now, so we have approximately 45 days to work with them on making sure they can pay rent.
Scott VanSchoten
Our company has been very proactive from the start and we have implemented that all offices are locked. Residents are requested to call or email for anything. Tours are by appointment only and only after our on-site staff have asked questions to see if anyone has been sick or had a fever in the last 48 hours or come in any contact with someone who has? All common areas are closed except the laundry rooms. We have sent numerous letters to residents as well advising that we are following local, state, federal guidelines. We are doing everything possible to stay ahead as much as possible. Portland, OR has already issued a eviction moratorium and we are prepared for the whole state to have one. The residents must provide proof that they were laid off.
Bruce Cardinal
Regarding commercial, do you recommend dealing with each tenant on a case by case basis or sending a "policy statement" to all tenants in a more pro-active communication?
laurie shade
How do you communicate to residents in multi-family once an employee or resident tests positive for the virus.
Gina Zack
How do you anticipate managing waste from residents apartments? I've heard services like Valet trash seem to be in high demand to reduce hoarding in units and spreading infection at dumpster/trash room areas
Vivian Preciado
Do you have suggestions for companies who provide services at properties and now has service coordinators working from home?What are we to do when those employees' position is mainly working with residents face-to-face?
Juliette van Winden
We’re all so reliant on our internet connection right now. What issues are you seeing on the connectvitiy front, what are you hearing from your residents, and how are you dealing with those challenges?
Can you all please answer the question about what to do with a positive case in the apt complex?
Bruce Cardinal
What have you heard from lenders on how they are planning to deal with owners that are experiencing a significant reduction in income and an inability to make mortgage payments?
Katherine Pressley
In commercial, do you recommend dealing with tenant on a case by case basis or broader, property by property?
laurie shade
Do you notify the entire building?
Betty Lindberg
For mixed use properties (Retail street level with residential/offices above) what are you doing for the tenants and Common Areas relative to cleaning, risk mitigation?
How can there be free testing if there are no tests available?
Kevin Connolly
Energy Engineer here. How are you handling the operations staff/supers? For multi-family are you looking ahead to the increased utility cost for heating/cooling/Domestic Hot Water now that everyone is home 24/7?
Andy Wilson
Effects on Fair Housing? Vendors? Contractors?
Amanda O'Keefe
Everyone should be practicing social distance...and just as they said HIPPA protection.
Kristi Carver
Related to positive COVID case, besides the operational items discussed, make sure you also have your press release ready or media stance pre-approved by ownership. The media will call.
Amy Campbell
Would you consider lease amendments for commercial leases - ie 60 day rent abatement immediately but amend the lease term to include these 2 months or more?
Bram Vandertuin
With tenants working from home, wireless connectivity has and will continue to downgrade drastically. Since it’s vital for tenants to have reliable cellular connectivity for work and life safety reasons, Airtower Networks has been partnering with Building Owners to offer managed wireless solutions that are scalable and at an affordable OpEx cost. - Airtower.com
Lisa Kelley
What are your recommendations on proceeding with unit renovations during this time when residents are home all day. How do you balance the business need of bringing new units online with the unintended consequence of disturbing residents with noise and water shut-offs.
Darren Diau
For commercial tenants are you requiring an NDA as a condition to receiving rent relief to prevent tenants from talking?
Lily Steiner
We've done virtual tours before but right now are running into problems of virtual tours not wanting to sign a lease without an in person tour. Are there security issues with self guided tours? Are tenants comfortable with unchaperoned prospects accessing the building with a key without staff present?
Jennifer Mehner
What type of vendor did you use to inquire whether a resident has tested positive?
MariAnne Torres
I have only allowed self guided tours of vacants unless the current resident is home to attend when occupied. You can require their ID to approve the tour. The electronic code will only work for two hours.
Lily Steiner
We have mainly standalone communities without an office on-site -- do you only use self-guided tours with on-site office communities?
Lily Steiner
Or is it an app that opens a door/smart lock and not a key box with the actual building key in it?
MariAnne Torres
it opens a keybox with an actual key in it.
MariAnne Torres
You could install coded handsets on the vacants and schedule self tours that way, too.
Lily Steiner
I'll look into that, thank you MariAnne!
Khara House
So asking a third time because it was just raised again: How are you mitigating concerns regarding potential contamination and spread of the virus (or any contaminagens) with self-guided tours?
Janelle Jordan
If our municipality does decide to close down businesses and office towers, are we able to change our access control from "secured" to "locked" - in essence locking out our tenants from being able to come into the building? Our leases say they can have access 24/7.
Lexie Arndt
what did they say on the 90 day mortgage and rent payments? Also- should they prove that they lost their job if they can't pay rent?
Betty Lindberg
Get out for a walk/run, exercise
Darren Diau
We are considering other more "creative" options such as allowing more stable tenants to pay rent from their security deposit or trading free rent for an extended lease term/personal guaranty so that tenants have "skin in the game". Given the expected future economic climate and how it will affect re-leasing, it would be preferable to further commit existing tenants than replacing.
Khara House
Realized this only went to panelists before... FYI there are three questions we can ask to assess risk as recommended by the CDC: Are you or any of your household members currently ill or experiencing cold/flu-like symptoms, such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath? In the last 14 days have you traveled to a high-risk area for transmission of Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Have you been in close contact with someone confirmed, or is being evaluated, for Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
Stephen Hochberg
Can we legally require a tenant who tested positive to Covid19 to inform management?
Lizz Talbot
Thanks Darren for that info and MariAnne. We've used Rently before to rent using a coded lock as well but I like the codeboxinc.com idea as well.
Khara House
If any of you have thoughts on the self guided tour concern mitigation, I'd love to connect on LinkedIn!
Victor Hunt
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Cathy Castiglione
will all the questions populated also be posted in the recording?
Lindsay Link
Thank you to all of you!
Camille Nixon
Thanks for organizaing, timely info and great questions/suggestiosn via chat
Joe Discepola