Making BTR Accessible: The Case For Product Differentiation + Tier Two Markets - Shared screen with gallery view
Anya Hamid
Hi All, who's joining us today?
Lee Campbell
Lee Campbell from IN2 Engineering (MEP design)
Muir Baxter
Muir Baxter from Wifinity - Development-wide gigabit WiFi
Alexander Stewart
Alex Stewart, from H+G Interior Design and Consultancy
Lisa Clarke (nee Dowling)
Lisa Clarke from Rowdy Studio. Strategy branding. Working with BTR clients in London and Dublin to help them differentiate their offer and attract the right tenants.
Hansa Emzivat
In BTR, are customers concerned about having a variety of neighbours or not? Do you think Young people, and old people, are sensitive to this subject? Do they ask this question?
Rory Young
Rory Young from WiredScore Home - the global digital connectivity rating scheme for the residential sector
Zuzanna Chmielewska
Zuzanna Chmielewska from houzen data labs - dynamic pricing & live data solution for BTR
Graham Hickson-Smith
Graham Hickson-Smith, 3DReid architects
Hansa Emzivat
do BTR program associate with short-term rental for vacation purposes companies?
John Badman
John Badman, CallisonRTKL. Architects and Interior Designers for Build to Rent across the UK and the US. Great to hear Rebecca reference the Long Harbour scheme,The Wullcomb, in Leicester - our interior design there has been a real differentiator in the offer available to people living in the city centre.
Hansa Emzivat
Sorry but I Don't understand this talk about key workers and The Long Harbour Scheme. It doesn't seem financially logical. (without any political views taken here).
Rebecca Shafran
Will we see more multigenerational living where BTR sits alongside senior housing, in some of the more suburban locations?
Shannon Conway
Shannon Conway, Glenbrook (BTR developer). BTR, rather than BTS drives viability in secondary towns (typically apartments). Some funds and valuers are comfortable with BTR driving a premium on land values, others aren’t. When do the panel think there will be a more widespread acceptance of the asset class to stand apart from BTS?
Graham Hickson-Smith
Rebecca - yes, there are already good examples of more multigenerational schemes, whether combining care or senior living with younger residents. We've combined students and dementia patients in a scheme in Edinburgh because the symbiotic relationship between different users. As Rebecca @ LH said - who wants to live in a development where everyone is the same age?
Hansa Emzivat
Do you currently have issues about rental payment collection? thx.